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New section: Bookshelf

10 October 2003

A new section listing my current reading material. As I'm sure you'll see there's quite an eclectic mix of material, some of which remains from my student days. You can access this section by using the navigation links on the right side of the page or by clicking this link.

A few photos added

10 October 2003

After a brief jaunt across to the English Lake district this weekend I've added a couple of Autumnal shots. Nothing thats going to bring me international recognition, but some pics that remind me of rainy weekends in Cumbria.

Portfolio site 1.0

07 October 2003

This is the first version of my portfolio page. At present its a very quick and dirty rendition lacking some aesthetic grandeur, but importantly it fullfils its main purposes. There a list of known rendering bugs available here If you have any comments on the site or problems accessing it please email me at this address: